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Why become a member of the Women’s Equality Party?

I am already a member of another political party. Can I still join?

Is there a branch near me?

What are membership fees spent on?

How is the party non-partisan?

Do you run in elections?

What do I get with my membership?

How do I cancel my membership?

I don't live in the UK - can I still join?




Q: Why become a member of the Women’s Equality Party?

A: Membership is a demonstration of your commitment to making gender equality a reality in the UK.

By purchasing a membership you become a part of one of the fastest growing, most influential movements for change in the country. Through our very existence as the UK's first feminist political party, we are shining a spotlight on the gender discrepancies that still exist across so many sectors of our society. Politics that dominate the UK are unrepresentative, uninspiring and out of touch with everyday women's needs. WE want to change that.

By joining you're also helping to send a message to the old parties that women's equality must be made a priority. 

We are proud to hold other political parties to account for their record on gender equality. We apply pressure on other parties to consider the impact of their policies on women and girls and even offer to collaborate by asking them to nick our ideas. In our first general election, we hand delivered our innovative and fully costed manifesto directly to every party HQ. Because equality is better for everyone. 



Q: I am already a member of another political party. Can I still join?

A: Yes you can - we would love to have you on board. Affiliate members help us to keep our policies non-partisan and keep women’s equality on the agenda in the other parties. Check out affiliate membership options.



Q: Is there a branch near me?

A: WE have over 65,000 members and supporters and more than 70 branches across the UK. Search our database to check where your closest branch is. If you can't find one near you, learn more about setting up a new branch with other local members. 



Q: What are membership fees spent on?

A: We make sure every pound you give works hard to achieve the WE objectives: if everyone pays the minimum full membership fee we can cover the basic costs of running a UK political party on a shoestring. Any extra you can invest enables us to spend more on growing and diversifying our movement, campaigning for legislative change and supporting lower-income members to join and participate.



Q: How is the party non-partisan? 

A: WE believe that gender equality has been at the bottom of the political agenda for too long. It takes cross-party collaboration and the participation of people across the political spectrum to effect real change. For this reason, we welcome affiliate members from other parties and also share our policies with other parties in the hope they might adopt them. The core objective of WE is to reach gender equality in the UK as fast as possible, and that means putting aside tribal political tactics and working together. 



Q: Do you run in elections?

A: Yes. WE have run in mayoral elections in London and Liverpool and this year stood seven candidates in our first ever general election. We run to prove to other parties that policies on gender equality do win votes and popular support, as well as to put pressure on them to create and implement more meaningful policies to effect change. In every seat we contested in this general election, gender equality was driven up the agenda and other parties were forced to re-assess, and in some cases improve, their own policies. 



Q: What do I get with my membership?

A: Members have the fantastic opportunity to really influence the party’s direction, leadership and policies. As a member you would be invited to attend our annual conference as a voting delegate, helping to choose which policies are prioritised by the party. You would also have a vote in any leadership contest thereby shaping the direction of the party.

Membership gives you opportunities to connect with other WE members in your own community through branch activities and events.  As a branch member you can work with like-minded people to challenge local gender inequalities and to grow the movement within your area.  Local members play a very important role in getting a branch ready for elections.

Membership may even be a starting point to your own leadership within the party, as a branch officer, member of the steering committee or as a first step to standing as a local councillor, or even an MP.



Q: I don't live in the UK - can I still join?

A: Yes. As a UK based political party, the majority of our work takes place in and is focused on the UK. However, we are keen to support movement builders from around the world working on women’s empowerment and welcome international members. 



Have any other questions you'd like answered before joining? Email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you.


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Concessionary Membership

WE offer reduced rates for students, carers, those on low-incomes and those who are unwaged.


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