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GLA 2020 Elections- Becoming a candidate

GLA 2020 Elections- Becoming a candidate

Becoming a candidate

There is no one way to approach being a candidate, the time commitment and type of work you do can vary greatly according to how you want to approach the campaign. One of the best ways to find out about what’s involved and the support available is to talk to one of our fantastic teams of candidates.

Set up a call with a WEP candidate >>

At WEP we are committed to removing barriers to standing to ensure that we have a diverse, effective pool of candidates that represent the full range of women’s experiences. For that reason we are committed to covering our candidates’ childcare costs, and will explore supporting candidates to overcome other access barriers to standing as well.

The selection process

Our London list candidates will be elected electronically by party members in the London region. The overall selection process comprises of three stages.

Application - 2nd February - 28th February

This stage involves filling out a form which details your motivations and relevant experience. Candidates at this stage will be assessed against a person specification which can be requested by email ([email protected]) and basic eligibility criteria.

Fill out the application from here >>

*If you require assistance or would like the application form in an alternative format then please contact ( or call 020 7407 9230)

Shortlisting - 1st March - 13th March

Candidates who meet the person specification and eligibility criteria will be invited to interview. Appointments will be available between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm on 7th, 8th and 10th March. When interviews are complete the candidate shortlist will be announced


The final list of eleven candidates will be elected by party members in the London region. The two week campaign period will include an open hustings meeting and the election itself will be carried out electronically.

More information on the London assembly and what it does is available here >>


Harini Iyengar - 2016 GLA, Parliamentary and Mayoral candidate

When I first sought selection as a Women’s Equality Party Candidate in January 2016, nobody asked me to stand, and I had only been to one meeting. I nominated myself after getting a mass mailshot calling for candidates. It was a unique experience in my life to get selected based on my potential and my ability to learn, not on who had recommended me or years of graft. For the first time ever, someone else noticed and cared that childcare costs were a barrier to my political activism, and the Women’s Equality Party lifted the financial barrier for me. Standing for the GLA was very exciting. I was given freedom and respect to canvass and campaign in a way which fitted into the rest of my life, including having a full-time job and being the lone parent of three children. After many years of feeling ignored, alienated and silenced politically, standing for public office, campaigning in the street all around London, writing articles, and giving speeches were very fulfilling acts of self-expression. It was wonderful to belong to and make friends with the 2016 team of GLA candidates of different races, religions, ages, sexualities, with different home lives and occupations - a diversity which I never experienced at university or in my professional life.


Tabitha Morton - Mayoral Candidate

When I agreed to stand in the Liverpool City Region Mayoral I had no idea what to expect as nobody I knew had ever been involved in politics. It was always something other people did; those with an education, those who hadn't grown up on a council estate, people (mainly men) who had smart answers when quizzed by journalists - my list of why I shouldn't do it was long! What I discovered standing as a candidate for WE was a warm supportive team who wanted me to succeed. I was supported in all aspects from speech writing, appearing on radio and TV and the very important art of door knocking. Standing for the GLA is my experience amplified as there is a whole list of brilliant women standing alongside you across London. WE have hundreds of experienced volunteers who will support in every way from door knocking to hand holding. If you are thinking of standing you may have a list of "why I can't stand" as long or longer than mine - please don't let this stop you adding your name. Talk to the central office team, talk to former candidates many if not all of your why I can't list will disappear!


Mandu Reid - Parliamentary candidate

In 2018 I stood for WEP twice, in the local elections and the Lewisham East Parliamentary by-election. I had never done anything quite like it before - the by-election, in particular, was intense: 5 weeks of focussed campaigning with new challenges literally every step of the way, there were moments of self-doubt and high-drama, but what really stood out for me was the unparalleled sense of companionship, solidarity and sense of purpose amongst the team of WEP members that rallied round get our message out – I can honestly say I have never felt so supported, it was a truly humbling and transformative experience. They say that growth begins at the end of your comfort zone – for me standing for WEP exemplified this maxim… I can’t overemphasise this: from the point of view of personal growth I guarantee you, you will not regret being a WEP candidate. Every single time we participate in an election we are setting an example to the other parties and doing our bit to change the political landscape of Britain - standing for WEP is an act of leadership. Please put yourself forward and encourage others to do the same, let’s keep the fire burning!


Rebecca Manson Jones - 2016 GLA candidate

When I put myself forward as a candidate for the GLA in 2016, I had never done anything in politics before. I’d voted, I’d joined The Greens, I’d joined WEP, I’d contributed to the crowdfunder and I’d been to one WEP meeting… I knew that I wanted to be active in this party and it was time that I got stuck in.

WEP is a new party – it stands or falls on the strength of the people who show up. The best way to get the best, most diverse and inclusive WEP candidate list is for women from all backgrounds, from all personal and professional experience to offer their stories and vision to other members. The GLA list candidates work as a team, it’s about representing the party and its ideals. We share the joys and responsibilities across the list, across London.

Whether or not you make it onto the GLA list you will have made a generous and important contribution to democracy by offering other WEP members a choice. To make them consider experiences outside of their own.  





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