Ireland referendum result: A vote for women's rights - Women's Equality

Ireland referendum result: A vote for women's rights

Ireland referendum result: A vote for women's rights

Ireland has voted decisively to repeal the 8th amendment and paved the way for women to have access to free, safe and legal abortions.


Published on 26 May 2018

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The Women’s Equality Party congratulates Ireland on the outcome of its referendum on women’s reproductive rights. It has shown that the tide is turning and that the hope and unity of the feminist movement is capable of defeating regressive populism that everywhere seeks to roll back women’s rights.

WE pledge to work to ensure that women in Northern Ireland can enjoy the same abortion rights as women in the rest of the UK and end this shameful discrepancy. WE will continue our #TimeItsNotACrime campaign to end the criminalisation of abortion in the U.K. so that women no longer need consult two doctors for permission or face the threat of prison. And WE urge Jeremy Hunt today to take this as the permission he needs to allow English women home use of the abortion pill as already approved by Scotland and Wales.


Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women’s Equality Party, said:

“Today is a vindication of the rights of women. It’s a vindication of the struggle of so many women over so many years to assert their basic human rights. And today is testament to the power of activism - the capacity for change when we build a movement of people from all backgrounds and experiences, united in common cause.

“So congratulations, Ireland. Now begins the hard work of making free, safe and legal abortion a reality. And to campaigning for our sisters in Northern Ireland to ensure that they can have the same rights to abortion as the women of the rest of the UK. And to work to decriminalise abortion everywhere so that women can access this as a basic healthcare right - as a conversation between a woman and her doctor, and no-body else.

“When ‘No’ concedes defeat, the world becomes a better place for everyone. Now let’s keep saying ‘Yes’ to women’s equality everywhere.”


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