Manifesto for Ecclesall - Women's Equality

Meg's Manifesto for Ecclesall

Meg's Manifesto for Ecclesall

Megan Senior will stand for election as a local councillor in Ecclesall Ward in May 2019. A fundraiser for a local charity, Meg came to Sheffield to study at the University of Sheffield in 2010 and lives locally. This is the first time that residents in Ecclesall will have the opportunity to vote for the Women’s Equality Party. Here, she tells us about the campaign. To get involved sign up to volunteer or email [email protected] to let Meg know what local issues are important to you.

Women's Equality Party is a new (and growing!) political party and we are doing things differently from the traditional parties.

The best way to sum it up is: Society is unequal and if we improve this it will be better for everyone. The people worst affected are women, especially women of colour, those living in poverty, with disabilities and/or identifying as LGBTQ+. I want to draw attention to the real-life disadvantages facing these women and challenge the council to do more for us all.

I feel quite strongly that in Sheffield local people's voices are not always heard by the council, and I want to help change that. My aim is to amplify women's voices and address gender inequality which is rife in our city. Just one Women's Equality Party representative on the council will drastically change the conversations taking place around this. I care particularly about equal parenting and care giving, closing the gender pay gap, and supporting organisations who work to end violence against women and girls.

Locally in Sheffield, there are lots of different issues which residents feel passionately about – equality, the environment, trees, cuts to education funding to name just a few. On the doorstep people are telling us that they feel fed up by the complacent approach of the older parties towards many of these concerns. Unless a political matter impacts gender equality, the Women's Equality Party nationally do not give a steer or a whip to members. This means that each elected person can represent the views of their constituents. I'm seeking input from people all across Ecclesall Ward about what issues are important locally.

I am standing for election as someone completely new to politics because I have had enough of the tribal and aggressive nature of the established political parties. I am campaigning for women’s voices and experiences to be heard on the council, and I will work with any local women and men willing to help me make Sheffield a better place to live and work, and to stamp out all forms of discrimination.

I will collaborate with others on the Council to secure more funding for to help support women and girls who have experienced violence and domestic abuse, and for more local training and employment opportunities for women and girls.  I will fight for equal representation on Council committees to ensure policies and decisions deliver equality.

Ecclesall needs a voice that will champion local services that have been brutally cut by mainstream parties over the past decade, disproportionately affecting women.  It’s clear that the only way to get change is to vote for a party from outside of the establishment.

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