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Be the first to stand for Women's Equality: apply here

Be the first to stand for Women's Equality: apply here

Apply today to stand as a Women’s Equality Party candidate in 2016. 

Becoming a candidate for the Women’s Equality Party is about being a pioneer. You will be the only candidates in UK political history to put women’s equality first. This is an incredibly exciting time for the Party.  

WE are fighting our first elections in 2016 and, if you join us, you will be shaping a new kind of politics.

Standing for public office for any party is tough. Standing for WE will be challenging but rewarding and fun too. We will work hard alongside you-- because when we stand together, WE win.


Apply here to stand with us.


What does it take to be a WE candidate?

WE are looking for people who share our values and demonstrate them in their everyday lives, who thrive on variety, who relish bringing the best out of people and who are committed to standing up for the views of others.

When you’re elected, you will be responsible for representing people in your region, holding government to account and making laws that improve people’s lives. You will be able to put women’s equality to the very top of the political agenda.

Click here to download support and guidance on what it means to be a candidate.

Anyone is welcome to complete an application form, so long as (on the day you are officially nominated and on polling day) you are:

  • a member of the Women’s Equality Party (including affiliate members);

  • at least 18 years old;

  • either a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of any other member state of the European Union, and

  • not disqualified from standing according to the following criteria;

  • London

  • Wales

  • Scotland

How do I apply?

Once you have completed the application form, please send one electronic copy to [email protected] and one hard (signed) copy to Women's Equality Party, PO Box 68871, London, SW10 1DG by 5pm January 4th.

Click here to apply

What if I don't have political experience?

WE are determined to do things differently, and will be offering support and mentoring to all those who stand for the Party. Candidates will be assessed on their competencies, not their careers--  check out what we’re looking for here. This is our chance to challenge stereotypes by bringing your own experience and passion into the arena.

When do I have to submit my application?

The deadline for applications is 5pm 4th January 2016 and WE expect to draw up lists by the end of January. All applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee made up of members from Wales, Scotland and London and members and supporters will have the chance to vote.

There isn't very long at all and WE need you to help us spread the word and invite potential candidates to apply by the beginning of January.

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If you have any questions not covered by the supporting documents here, get in touch at [email protected]




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