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Our statement on the Manchester attack

Statement from the Women’s Equality Party on the Manchester Arena bomb atrocity

Conservative plans won't work for women

May’s manifesto spells further economic hardship for women

Women candidates in Vauxhall call out pressure tactics

Two of the women in the race for Vauxhall have called out the pressure being put on them to withdraw from the election

Labour and Lib Dem manifestos let women down again

Labour and Lib Dem manifestos’ lacklustre approach to equality lets women down again

WE contest Vale of Glamorgan

Sharon Lovell to challenge Conservatives in Vale of Glamorgan, protect Labour in Cardiff South

Celine to stand again

Following her success in the local elections, Celine Thomas will stand as our GE candidate in Tunbridge Wells

We know WE are outsiders: it's what politics needs

Our chief of staff Hannah Peaker explains that politics needs outsiders like our brilliant candidates

Meet our London, Manchester and Cardiff candidates

WE announce candidates to contest seats in London, Manchester and Cardiff


Greens endorse Sophie for Shipley

Green Party votes overwhelmingly to endorse Women's Equality Party in Shipley

Sophie Walker to take on Philip Davies in Shipley

Sophie Walker to stand against misogynist MP Philip Davies in Shipley