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Boots backs down after WE campaign

BPAS and WEP successful in demanding Boots scrap sexist surcharge on emergency contraception

WE call on broadcasters for pay transparency

In the wake of the BBC releasing its salaries, WE call on other broadcasters to do the same

Boots must remove sexist surcharge

WE joins forces with BPAS to call on Boots to cut high price of emergency contraceptive pills

Local government not fit for future

Sexist local governments show urgent need for quotas and statutory childcare policies

Government double standards on reproductive health

WE call out government’s double standards on sexual and reproductive health rights

Time to tackle the pension gap

Gender-blind economic policy forcing retired women in poverty

DUP deal is a threat to human rights

Our response to the deal between the Conservatives and the DUP 

Our response to the Queen's Speech

The Prime Minister’s programme for government is terrifyingly honest

Finsbury Park attack

Our statement on the Finsbury Park attack


WE lit a fire under Shipley contest

Davies' slashed majority vindicates our campaign in Shipley