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We know WE are outsiders: it's what politics needs

Our chief of staff Hannah Peaker explains that politics needs outsiders like our brilliant candidates

Meet our London, Manchester and Cardiff candidates

WE announce candidates to contest seats in London, Manchester and Cardiff


Greens endorse Sophie for Shipley

Green Party votes overwhelmingly to endorse Women's Equality Party in Shipley

Sophie Walker to take on Philip Davies in Shipley

Sophie Walker to stand against misogynist MP Philip Davies in Shipley

Why Denise Welch is backing us

Denise Welch has thrown her support behind us, and is backing Tabitha Morton for Liverpool Metro Mayor

GE is chance to put hope and equality back on the agenda

Statement from Sophie Walker, leader of the Women's Equality Party, on today's news of a snap General Election

Affordable childcare for all begins in Liverpool City Region

WE will make Liverpool City Region the test ground for our universal affordable childcare plan

WE will roll back cuts that threaten harm for women

WE call time on the Government’s sustained attack on women and families

New rules on pay reporting won’t close gender pay gap


It's April Fool's Day... and it's no laughing matter