Let's win local elections for Equality - Women's Equality

Let's win local elections for Equality

Let's win local elections for Equality

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National politics can often seem like nothing to do with us, and we may feel helpless in being able to make change, but as a valued Member you can apply to become a representative of the Women’s Equality Party as a Parish, Town or County Councillor.

You will receive training and have the full support of the branch team.

This is where WE can make a difference and YOU can help your community. This branch has always tried to raise awareness and lobbied for change throughout Cheshire East but there is a real difference between Congleton Town Council where we have an elected councillor, and the other town councils whose agendas cover planning, flytipping and Christmas lights.

WE need to be at the table to drive change quicker. 

Don’t get us wrong, community engagement, litter and regulation for buildings are obviously important but the actions to really improve the lives of local residents are lacking in most of our local councils. Sandbach Town Council for example have still not ratified their revised Equality policy and the White Ribbon proposal has also been delayed. Few of the councils conduct Equality Impact Assessments prior to making decisions.

See the vacancies for Parish Councillor in Cheshire East.

The vacancies arise regularly with a 14 day deadline for application, so it is important for us to have a list of approved candidates ready to be proposed for election. If you would like to know more about the process, even if you are not too sure, you can reply to this email and we will be happy to guide you.

Becoming a Parish Councillor is a really good way for you to participate in community decisions - let's work together for #SocialJustice and #ClimateJustice 

And talking about elections we had a wonderful evening with Ros Ball talking about her latest book ‘WOMEN WHO WON’. The recording is on our YouTube channel if you would like to hear some surprising, and sadly, not so surprising facts about elected women from around the world.

 And finally,



Pride in Alsager walk Saturday 9 October, Environmenstrual Week 11-17 October, International Men’s Day Friday 19th November


Thank you for continuing to support equality!

Kay, Jane, Hannah, Verity, Helen, Sally, Louise, Deborah

Women's Equality Cheshire East Branch Team


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