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Preparing to Win!

Preparing to Win!

Whilst a large part of the country has entered a period of local election fever, it will be 2023 before it is our turn in Cheshire East.

Meet our fabulous 2022 WE candidates from across the country!

It is never too early however to start preparations so we are already getting ready for next year by checking the accuracy of our member and volunteer database, in which you may have previously expressed an interest in being a branch volunteer.

When you joined the branch or signed up as a supporter for example, you wanted to share a skill or offered to undertake research to help with our campaigning. Or maybe you love the thrill of elections and want to help distribute leaflets and take part in canvassing when the time comes. Anyone who can't wait until next year is welcome to join a WE Cheshire East group on Saturday 30th April when we help WE Manchester to get Lucy Wood elected. Drop us a line at [email protected] 


Whatever you have to offer, please don’t hide yourself under a bushel and especially don’t be concerned about having to make a time commitment. No-one is under any obligation. We’re just trying to create a pool of people we can potentially request help from, and you are of course completely free to decline at any time.

The more people we have in our volunteer pool, the more we can share the load, and do more for the women and girls in our region.

Take a look at the banners made by visitors to our stall for International Women's Day. Hopefully they will inspire you!


It would be great if you could let us know if our information is correct, and whether you wish to make any amendments. 


If you are a member, the best way to do that is to complete our member survey.


If you are a supporter, please use our feedback form.


Or you can of course reply directly to this email. 


Some volunteering ideas to get you started. May be you have some suggestions of your own?


Facebook group posts Write to your local council/councillors Deliver leaflets
Video editing Write Readers’ letters for local news Town centre tables/Cafe chats
Read minutes of council meetings Write opinions / press releases Canvass during elections
Update our Armchair Actions List Share best/bad equality practices Look for information on Cheshire East website
Help arrange branch events Be part of a policy sub-group Be part of a town sub-group
Encourage people to vote Link with community groups Election phone banking



We are looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to tell us your WE policy interests too!

Cheshire East Branch Officers, pictured here with Deputy Leader, Hannah Barham-Brown

Of course if you prefer not to attend meetings or take part in volunteering, WE still appreciate your support for the party and ask for your help to spread messages on social media.

Thanks for supporting equality!


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Donate to Cheshire East branch At the Women's Equality Party, we rely on your support to keep campaigning on vital issues such as: childcare, social and climate justice, male violence and gender equality.


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