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Wales 2016

An equal society starts with equal education

As a teacher myself I understand the impact of testing especially on very young children. At a time when you want to be creating and inspiring pupils to have a lifelong love of learning some of the government testing initiatives result in teaching children to a test. This needs to stop. There is a lot more we could be teaching children. For example, girls need to know they can be astronauts and train drivers as well as nurses and teachers, and that it doesn’t matter whether they want to do it in pink sparkles or blue checks. Boys, too, can be liberated by letting go of gender norms. Boys can learn to play creatively and sensitively and should be allowed to express emotion without fear of mockery. 

Better for Everyone

I’m a man. I want a world where the phrase ‘women’s equality’ doesn’t exist, because equality is the norm. We don’t live in that world yet – that’s why I support the Women’s Equality Party.

It is time to end petty party politics in Wales

You’ll have seen the viral video illustrating how playground politics pervades British politics at the moment. And it seems Wales is no different to Westminster, as Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru’s last meeting before the assembly elections descended into tit-for-tat bickering around a tired, sexist stereotype.

Why join the Women’s Equality Party in Wales?

Tamsin Stirling is from Cardiff, she is one of the latest members of the party is Wales and is a senior policy adviser on housing policy across Wales.

Welcome to the Wales 2016 Blog

Welcome to the WE Wales blog.

Your candidates in the upcoming Welsh election, Sharon, Ruth, Emma and me, Sarah, are going to be discussing some key priorities, starting with women in business.


Our International Women's Day Blog

A few years ago I attended role model training. We were asked to write down who our role models were and I couldn’t think of a single person to write down. At the time, I really felt there was no-one I could look up to or relate to. 


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