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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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Time and tide are on our side

A while ago I wrote The Women's History of the World to give life to our age-old struggle for equality, and I am thrilled to be a part of this new initiative of WE at its beginning. All we need is a few good men and women working together to turn the wheel of history in favour of fairness for all, and the time has come!

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Enough is enough

I'm sick and tired of having to work twice as hard.I don't want this for my daughter, my nieces. Time to be genuinely equal. Celebrate diversity of course. But level the field.

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Radio broadcast

Plucked up the courage to talk on the radio this morning to share the news about the first Somerset Branch launch event. Hope it will bring more people along and hopefully encourage others to start branches up for all those people out there in Somerset and yet over 30 miles away. If you want to listen it was Radio Somerset Breakfast Show at 8.48 am.

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Embracing Womanhood

Sice I was a teen the ajority of my friends were boys I guess I found them easier to manage than girls, much more simple relationships. At the age of 30i became a mother now that was an eye opening experience! It really made me feel the inequality encompassing my new life. But, the most important thing that happened was the awakening of the woman in me, a proper strong, boobs out (arf) woman. I also needed women around me, there support and strong bond that being mothers had created in my friends. Women need each other. So I embrace motherhood,I embrace my friends, feminism and everything that goes along with being a woman.

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I shouldn't be told that I can't walk home alone, as if it's my fault (and so much more)

I'm 18 years old and have just moved to university. For the last 7 years of my life, I have been at an all girls school. There was one particular girl who inspired me to join this party. She was not afraid to stand up for womens rights and really opened my eyes to the problems that still exist. Since arriving at uni, I have already been harassed three times whilst walking to class by men driving past in cars. It astounds me how they believe this is acceptable behaviour to exhibit in front of hundreds of students in broad daylight. WEP is needed, however sad that fact may be and I am so happy to have finally found a party that truly reflect my views. Thank you :)

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Because I'm fighting to be equal when I grow up, and I don't want the next generation to have to

Although I'm only 17 I've always been very aware of the world around me, both politically and within the media, and it's become incredibly clear to me that something needs to change. I've considered myself a feminist since I was about 10 and able to understand what the word meant, and it both shocked and scared me that in a recent Media Studies lesson (in a room full of 17-19 year olds) I was the only person that believed that women are not yet equal. We need to ensure that everyone is aware of their environment, and that although gender equality has progressed, we're far from equal.

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Enough False Promises, Change Inequality Now

Coming from a family of strong women I constantly feel frustrated that women do not share the same opportunities as men, are not given the same freedom of choice, nor do they receive the same respect. I believe it is time to redress that

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Let's make gender, and not sex, the issue

I have spent 35 years working in global public health in so-called ‘developing’ countries, long enough to know that the health and well-being of both sexes cannot be achieved without addressing the social, economic, political and individual inequalities that impact women in all countries, especially gender-based violence. Yet who are we development workers to preach when in our own country 51% of the population continues to be treated as second class citizens? In my teens and 20s I had hoped that the Labour Party would be able to push the interests of women but it has proved to be just as bad as other political parties. It is high time for a breath of political fresh air which gives women – and men - real alternatives, and will help to shape a world that our children can be proud of and where are all treated equally, regardless of their sex.

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We have been waiting too long

Equality is right and better for all we know that. Our progress towards it is painfully slow and not steady. WE is a chance to pool energy and develop a coherent co-ordinated strategy to get there. Women have been allowed to practice law for 96 years. Lord Sumptions tells us we must wait a further 50 years to get equality in the judiciary or we will damage it. His comments were a good example of the urgent need for WE. Here is someone in a powerful position completely falling to recognise his own privilege or really understand systemic and unconscious bias.It is clear that gender and race do determine your abillity as a judge. So the truth is we do not have the best judiciary we could have. We have the best white men, a few of the best women and BME and mediocre white men.

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I've been waiting for a political movement like this for all my life.

Men and women should be treated as people first, foremost and only and not as genders. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander but all people should be well behaved towards each other: no violence, no exploitation, no assignation of role and no ridicule for being different. Women are not second class citizens and we should push for equality until we get it. Men will benefit in the long run.

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No divides

Finally a political stance I really relate to. I truly wondered if I'd ever feel engaged by politics again. I am a young, self employed, business owner and Mum of one. I support equality for all regardless of gender, age, race and sexuality but find through my experiences many people facing struggles because of a lack in equality. Whilst I understand we have made big steps within society, I still see the need for great changes in society's attitudes towards equality within education, business, the justice system and social culture too. Throughout my life men have been my role models, life partner, closest friends, teachers and peers (though not forgetting the many significant female roles in my life). It is important that that we work together for a greater cause. There should be no divide between us.

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Since 2008 I'm specialising in getting more women into boardrooms of top organisations to make the corporate world a more human place. I run corporate programmes for male-dominated companies who want to have more women at the top and I run an open course for women who want to have more self-confidence, more focus and play a bigger game I'm passionate about female leadership and I love the rise of the women's equality party.

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Why should women in business behave like men?

Hi all. I have spent my career working in the Corporate world trying to work out how it is that men get on and women's skills and approach to solving problems are not valued. I've just come back from ten years in Australia where the problem was even more noticeable. I have attended countless 'Women in Business' events where we hear inspirational stories from those who have broken through the ceiling but always felt they were preaching to the converted - I want men to hear these stories! I am inspired by this party and look forward to getting involved

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Women need to be seen as equally capable by everyone

I'm a business owner of 8 years, and mother of two. I'm a landlord and I started my letting agency from scratch and now employ 8 people, I also run a Mums in Business support group. I experience and hear about prejudice all the time from the women I speak to and realise that a lot of men still get to 'pull rank' when it comes to financial or household major decisions and when last minute child care is needed - and this just isn't right. There is a tendency for some men to view that a woman who runs a business, but is connected with their wife socially (even via business networking), somehow it isn't running an outfit as serious as other businesses. The elephant in the room is that it can't be a 'proper' business, as the perception is that women just start small cottage industry 'pin money' businesses and we are not thinking big - it just makes my blood boil! Sometimes they don't even bother to meet with me themselves, or they are in the house but don't talk to me - the judgement has already been made and they let their partner invite me along with his choice of agent as a token gesture. I spoke to someone this week who said all that was expected of her was to be a machinist in a local factory when she was growing up, she's now very successful in her own right and that girls still are not being educated to 'think big'. This is just two examples of the perception of women in society still - it needs to change - now!!

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Let X = Y

I am a middle-aged father of four (ages 10-20) who gave up work as a doctor 18 years ago to become a full time house husband. Having walked the walk, it might be time to talk the talk as well. This party feels like a breath of fresh air; and being half-Danish myself, with a sense of humour, how could I not join? Tillykke Sandi

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We all have a part to play in educating those around us and supporting equality.

As a business owner, mum and wife, i still experience inequality in daily life. I want to set the right example to my family and others around me and to help improve our society's understanding and approach to equality.

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Equality is often seen as a joke, especially by those who have never experienced discrimination.

In today's world equality should be everyone's human right - wherever you are born and regardless of gender, age, belief etc. There are too many "protected interests" in the UK - it's about time things changed!

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because women won't be equal until men can make all the same choices

I joined WE to make it just as ok for my husband (and my sons) to say he wants flexible working, part time work or to stay home with his children, as me. I want to build a society where that is not looked on as weird, controversial or being difficult. Until men can make those choices without judgment or prejudice, women can't be free of the feeling that they are expected to take on the role of homemaker and/or caregiver.

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Equality for all is the only way to go Iris Fudge

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Because I have three daughters

I want them to grow up in a more equal world which will be better for women and men

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